Night People
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Night People

Producer: Clare Kerr
Writer: Jack Dickson & Adrian Mead
Director: Adrian Mead
Cast: Anthony Beselle, Katrina Bryan, Alan Mccafferty, Kellyanne Farquhar, Anthony Martin, Michael Mackenzie, Neil Mackay, Cara Shandley.

Night People takes us on a journey across the city of Edinburgh, introducing a cast of characters for whom there will be no sleep. Each of them is faced with a dilemma that ranges from the hilarious to the heartbreaking and they have until the next morning to make a decision that will change their lives forever.


“Night People is that rare beast – a multi-character drama-comedy in which each and every one of the interweaving stories holds the audience’s attention from beginning to end. Edinburgh emerges as a glittering night-time mosaic of familiar landmarks and hidden corners where each character confronts a moment of darkness before the screenplay’s unexpected revelations lead towards a new dawn. Night People is all the more remarkable for being a debut feature, heralding the arrival of a fresh talent in the British film industry.”

- Alan Morrison, Contributing Editor of Empire and film critic for the Daily Record

“A lushly photographed portrait of the night time ecosystem of a modern city. Night People is a very moving account of a network of care and disregard. It is brutally honest but full of hope. A gleaming film of real power and insight.”

- Mark Cousins, film writer, broadcaster and author of “The Story of Film”

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